Let's make a better Miami through technology.

Mangrove Labs develops websites and apps that help raise the quality of life for citizens of Miami-Dade County and beyond.

Mangrove Labs seeks design and development projects that surprise and delight residents, all the while engaging with municipalities and organizations for the benefit of the community. We're happy to partner with local organizations to improve the lives around us; governments, journalists, academic institutions, nonprofits, and foundations.

Design and consultant services are available to clients seeking a guided approach through their own development. At Mangrove Labs, we pride ourselves on using open-source, readily existing data, to bridge the gaps between technology, education and government, and our fellow citizens.

Our goals are to work with clients who represent the diverse population around us and help with projects and programs that better our community in a region ready for civic engagement, and maintaining our sense of humor.

Consulting services

  • User research: Usability testing, interviews, surveys, shadowing, ethnography, analysis, focus groups
  • Strategic consulting
  • Data-driven narratives
  • Content and communication strategy
  • Community Management strategy

Programming services

  • API development
  • Open source development
  • Website development
  • SMS development
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) development

Clients, Past & Present include Miami-Dade County, Eco Tech Visions Foundation, Code for Miami, Open Referral, Switchboard of Miami, O Cinema. Additional case studies coming soon!

Meet the Team

Ernie Hsiung is founder of Mangrove Labs. He is a front-end developer and community organizer with interests in actual and virtual communities.

Originally from the Bay Area and living in Miami for the past four years, Ernie served as a 2015 Code For America fellow working with Miami-Dade County's Regulatory & Economic Resources (RER) Department building technology. Along with web development work spanning more than fifteen years in Silicon Valley, he was a well-known personal blogger featured in USA Today and Newsweek, the founder of 8Asians.com, an online community portal for Asian Americans, and was named a "20 Under 40" business leader by the Miami Herald in 2014.

Ernie is a cofounder and co-captain of Code for Miami, a volunteer "civic hacking brigade" which was recently a recipient of the 2015 Knight Cities Challenge Grant for work with the Miami-Dade Civic User Testing Group (CUTGroup). Mangrove Labs is proud to be a recurring sponsor of Code for Miami, which meets every Monday 7pm at CIC Miami.

Work with us

We'd love to work with you. Drop us a line, or sign up on our e-mail list.